How to Buy Stocks on TD Direct Investing / TD WebBroker

TD WebBroker can be daunting for some newer investors to navigate through. Here we will get straight to the point and show you how to buy or sell stocks using TD Direct Investing.

Bringing up the stock and viewing its information before purchasing

  1. Sign into your account for WebBroker. You may choose to sign into your EasyWeb account, then select one of your accounts that shows “WebBroker” beside it. This should be seen in the Investments section of EasyWeb.
EasyWeb view of Investment Accounts

2. Click “Research” at the top of the screen, then “Stock” in the Investments section:

3. You will be brought to whatever stock you search for last. Here, you can search for a new stock by either entering the ticker or the company name in the top right:

Entering the Order

4. As seen in the above screen, there are buy and sell buttons. You can click either of them to enter into a trade. Once you click “Buy”, the following screen pops up:

Next you have a screen with information on the purchase.

A. Choose with account you want to purchase with, if you have multiple investment accounts.

B. Shows how much cash you have available in the selected account.

C. You can change which stock symbol you want to buy, but this will be populated with the stock you looked up and clicked “Buy” on.

D. Enter the quantity of shares you would like to purchase.

E. Usually you want to choose Market for the price type. You have the options to choose various Limit or Stop orders as well.

F. Usually you will want to leave this set to Day. You have the options to choose a specific day for the order to be good until in case it is a more thinly traded stock and the order may not fill in the same day.

G. This section shows the information about the stock you are looking at

H. If you use a trading password, enter it here.

I. Click Preview Order when you are ready

5. Confirm the details of your trade and the total cost of the shares. This screen will provide you any warnings about the purchase you should know about. Once you are ready, click “Agree & Send” and you’ve just made your purchase!

Selling stocks can be completed the exact same way, after clicking “Sell”. The same screens will come up with the same information and you can navigate through.

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